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--Katie Mill--

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** AwWwWw** [Monday: November 15th, 2004 @ 7:23pm]
[ mood | good ]

Hello there....i am bored as f so i thought i would update...and becuase breanna wanted me to lol...So anyways...Hmmmm on saturday me and breanna went up to Dunhams to visit *Chris* and it was so busy up there so i helped out and as i was going to get some shoes for someone these two old guys were standing there and one of them freakin farted!!!! It was soooo nasty, but i couldnt help but laugh at them...haha..but anyways me and breanna went to the hockey game on wed. great fun let me tell you....lol not really. it was boring, but we did see a hott kid.....hmmmm mmmm lol So today me and breanna went to the mall to get a smoothie and i was very upset it wasnt that good at all!!!!! I was angry...So breanna and ryan are going to hang out today...aww they are tooooo cute!! i just cant take it..but yea chris is freakin hunting and i feel like i havent talked to him in like forever haha actually i talked to him last night but still lol Aww he should just come home...lol.......................

BaCarDiBaBe897: i love you kaite and i am so glad we are this close bc if i did not have you as a firned i dont know what i would do. your the best frined i could ever ask for and i really mean that katie, you freaking an amazing friend and person, i love you more than anybody and i could give 2 shits less if i didnt have ANY other friends other than you, bc your a better frined than anybody and i wouldnt hcange anyting about our friendship its prefect and i know i can coem to you with ANYHTING and EVEYRHITNG and i know you wont say anything and it means SO MUCH to have a friend liek you, i love you SO MUCH and i dont EVER want our friendsuipto change bc i dont know what i would do.

^^AwWwWwW I freakin love that girl!!^^

Well im out...


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Bored [Saturday: October 23rd, 2004 @ 4:35pm]
[ mood | impressed ]

Hey Hey...

Whats going on...nothing here im sitting at Breanna's house right now waiting for her to get ready so we can go to the Bachlorette party! lol yay we are going to go to Wendy's first and get some food cause i am starving..... i love wendys....hmmm mmmm lol so anyways... i like how i can do nothing to a person...but somehow they can still not like me and talk shit about me!! Dont you just hate that! Haha i could really care less anymore...I must be really cool if all they wanna do is sit there and talk about me...actually it makes me feel special...someone likes me enough to talk about me ALL THE TIME!!! LOL haha fuckers cause i can care less what you fuckin people have to think about me or what i do! cause no matter what i do you all somehow find a reason to talk about me...so from now on I am going to do what I want to do WHEN i want to do it...and i am going to talk to ANYONE that i wanna talk to, without caring if you guys like me or not! Ha and i am proud of myself..ok so anyways....Me and breanna woke up this morning and we went tanning then i had to go home...sounds like fun huh! oh yea it was lol..so now i am still here...lol and i itch all over the place for some reason...lol BREANNA IM GRWOING i itch every where....lol haha --Wow this sounds like a different virgin...ooopsss i mean VERSION...-- lol that was to great...lol so anywho..i do not want to go to work tomorrow i only have to work from 9-3 anywyas but then i have to go to some dumn three hour long meeting...which will be gay as fuck...but i have to go now....later


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--Ok Ok-- [Friday: October 22nd, 2004 @ 10:41am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Hey hey...it is cold as hell in here! brrrr lol so yea yesterday me and breanna went to get her eyebrows waxed..then we went tanning and when i was driving her home these guys in the car next to us were talkin to us tryig to get us to go play pool with them. and then they asked us to pull over and i was like hell nooo sssssssskkkkkkuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrttttttttt lol haha fun times fun time. So today i have to go to school...yay....but only for an hour thank god, but then i get to go to work till 9:30 which sucks some major ass lol but then i think that im gonna go and stay the night a Breanna's tonight...but who knows!!!! but i have to go and get ready for school.


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**Woooo Baby!!** [Monday: September 13th, 2004 @ 10:10pm]
[ mood | confused ]

*HeY HeY*

.::.So yea today i had to go to freakin school and i didnt want to....but i had to lol so when school was over i went home and started to watch some t.v. then the lovley *breanna* called me and she came over!! ThEn me and her went up to the pool so i could vote for some baseball stuff then mike toye let me and breanna take his truck for a lil drive lol i felt like i was in a freakin MONSTER truck lol but it was some fun times!! but then again me and breanna always have fun times!! so whats new! Then we went and visited *TyElEr*..and we talked to his mom....i love her lol shes too cool then we came back to my house and nigga nolan was sitting in my living room and he looked like hitler! it was the funniest thing i have even seen in my life! haha then when we went to go and take breanna home we stopped in Krispy Kreme and got a free doughnut lol we always do that...but those things make me sick haha so now i am at home and i am bored as hell.....so
OMG freakin Brittany just imed me! I FREAKIN MISS HER!!! i love that girl....well im out.....**LaTeR**.::.


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[Monday: September 13th, 2004 @ 9:41am]
[ mood | tired ]

**HeY HeY**

.::.So yea i went to that little After party thing on Saturday at Time, where I was SUPPOSED to meet Christina Millian....but yea those dumb people on the radio like to lie!! Cause she never even came up to the VIP or anything...yea i thought VIP was *very important person* but i guess not....but anyways after i got home from work yesterday Tyeler, Shane, Mikey, Louis, Breanna,and me all went to Chuck E. Cheese but they wouldnt let us in cause we ALL werent 18...so we went to ceaserland instead! Me and Breanna went in the tubes and i tried to slide down backwards in one, and yea lets just say that didnt work lol cause i ened up flippin over in the tube lol haha then mikey shane breanna and louis went up in the tubes and started pounding really loud and two guys that worked there ran up there after them so me and Tyeler left lol.....it was fun tho...But i have to go and get ready for school, even tho i dont want to go.... PeAcE oUt HoMiEs!!.::.


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*ShOtGuN* [Saturday: September 11th, 2004 @ 2:02pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Hello children....

Well today i woke up and Breanna called me and me and her and my bro went to the YMCA....HEY!! but when we got there, there was NO WATER IN THE POOL! so...we didnt go swiming...duh lol so no hott lifeguard or lipring for us!! DAMN..so then we went to Taco Bell and me and Breanna played a nice little game of SHOTGUN! lol it was some fun.....if you only knew what we were talkin about haha...so now me and her are sitting at my house and we are about to go and lay out in my backyard to get some sun...cause god knows i need...I mean im not an albino or anything......HAHAHAHA!!!! but i could use some sun...lol then later on i am going to go that little after party thing...WHOOOO HOOOOO.....lol but i am going to head on out to lay in my backyard......sounds like fun huh?? yea i know.....oh and by the way i guess im fake now too!! what the hell i can really care less....im not even about to care what other people have to say about me....cause im not going to let things like that bug me anymore...cause its not even worth it so fuck everyone else i guess.....



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.::BoReD::. [Friday: September 10th, 2004 @ 11:30pm]
*.::Hey kids....! So yea my computer finally works...FINALLY but yea anyways so yesterday when i picked up Breanna from school i called the radio station..and yea i freakin WON!!! oh hell ya...i won 4 VIP passes to go to the Christina Millian after party and i get to meet her and all that good stuff! lol but anyways today was SUCH a boring day let me tell you. First off i went to school...YAY ok not really it was so boring....and i didnt get to see the lifeguard *OR* Hurley i was so pissed lol then i came home and had to go to work....which was also *VERY* boring...i seriously hate old people they are soooo rude! hah...now im sittin at home doing nothing at all...and i want to talk to breanna BUT her phone doent work....ahhh lol but hopefully me and breanna are going to get to go to the YMCA and see the HOTT ass lifguard....yea that would be nice.(P.S. hes hott!!!) lol. but i am going to go for now.....Peace out girl scouts!!::.*


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*--HaPpY biRtHdAy tO mE..hAhA [Monday: September 6th, 2004 @ 7:38pm]
[ mood | confused ]


*--Hello Children_

SoO Yeah, Saturday was my Birthday! ..but "noone" seemed to know that..It`s all good though! and it wasn`t a very splendid day.. Yeah I got pulled over and got a damn ticket..OH YEAH I forgot EVERYBODY alreadys knows! But besides that Me&Breanna&Sarah went out to eat and Hooters! And they made me stand on a stool and flap my wings like a chicken, and told me if I stopped they`d start the song back over again! Me&Breanna&Sarah went to the Football game on Thursday..WOoOoHoOo Everybody talks shit what`s new!?! Soo a few people told me that "people" were saying "breanna is a fucking slut, and all her little friends are too" ... yeah that`s real mature! But it`s all good bc me&breanna could careless what people have to say! It don`t bug me, People are always gonna talk shit no matter what you do! Melvindale is Melvindale what can I say? lol But anyways_ Now I`m chillin at Breanna`s house! and we ain`t got shit to do.. SoO were gonna go find something to do, PeeEaCcEe OoUuTtT

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*--What a Lovely day_ [Wednesday: August 18th, 2004 @ 9:20pm]
[ mood | happy ]


*--SoO yeah, Today was a weird, but SpLeNDiD day!_lol Me and My Beloved Breanna had a SpEcTaCuLaR day! lol First, I went and got my hair highlighted (just a little change haha) Then my Inner Nascar came out, and Me&Bree flew to the Mall! To meet up with this HOTT MOTHER F*ER!! lol But anywho_Then we went to Walmart&Radio Shack! Then I dropped her off, and picked her up like an hour later lol, Then we went to Target and she *bOrRoWeD* me some FlipFLops! haha (Gotta Love Her)_And thats about it! Ooh we got yelled at by an old man..I hate old people! They talk alotta shitt! lol Now I`m at Breannas house!_ Ooh and you`ll NEVER guess what happened.. Me&Priscilla talked! and She`s really not that bad! =) We are good now..AbOuT TiMe! People talk waaayyyy to much! But everythings gOoD iN tHe hOoD! And that was about it_Now were waiting for a HOTT GUY to call back lol_Alright well Im out.....


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